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Research & Development: Our Commitment to Innovation (part 2)

(Have you read the first part of our R&D story? If not, read it here!) Although Basic American Foods is an 85-year-old company, internally it can feel very much like a startup. “We’re small, we’re scrappy. We’re trying to do big audacious things by attacking it through innovation. It’s challenging, but it’s fun. It’s been an amazing flood of great...

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Research & Development: Our Commitment to Innovation (part 1)

The employees on our Research & Development (R&D) team have some of the most unique and creative jobs around. Imagine getting to experiment (not to mention taste test) with food all day! But don’t let the mental image fool you - it’s hard work! Our R&D specialists (or Food Technologists, as they are called) take product ideas from concept to...

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Employee Spotlight – Kim Nguyen, Sr. Associate Marketing Manager

What does a day in the life at BAF look like for you? The great part about my role at BAF is that no two days are the same! Some days I’m planning and executing advertising and direct marketing campaigns to keep BAF and our foods top of mind, some days I’m collaborating with our internal teams on communicating news/announcements,...

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Employee Spotlight – Jodi Knox, Team Leader

What makes BAF a great place to work? For me, a great day at work not only depends on what goes on in the process, but also the working environment. We have such a diverse group of people who are so hard working and altogether a joy to be around. I wake up in the morning excited to be around...

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Brian Gustaveson – 2018 BAF Values Hero!

We are delighted to share that Brian Gustaveson was selected as our annual Values Cup winner for 2018! At Basic American Foods, we believe a job well done is worth rewarding. Not only do we ask that our employees uphold our company values, we also take the time to acknowledge when they do so by encouraging our employees to nominate...

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Employee Spotlight – Michael Fabian, Team Leader, Outside Facilities

What makes BAF a great place to work? I started working at BAF when I was 19 years old and in the last 37 years, I have raised a large family and been very happy here. The people here are fantastic, from the owners to the management to my fellow employees, and all the outside customers I interact with. The...

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Employee Spotlight – Alisha Benson, Line Associate

What about BAF is different from other places you have worked? Aside from working with food, what makes BAF different from other jobs I've had is the quality of my coworkers. They are some of the most hardworking and honest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Truly, they are the cream of the crop. What would others...

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Employee Spotlight – Seth Levine, Process Engineer

What does a day in the life at BAF look like to you? My day typically begins as grave shift is ending, which affords me the opportunity to check with people in the plant – usually in beans production and beans packaging – about how their evening went and what (if any) problems or concerns they had during that time....

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BAF Values Hero: Jack P.

We’re pleased to announce that our 2018 Q4 Values Hero recipient is Jack Patrick! Jack, a food technologist in our Blackfoot plant, received two Values Hero nominations in Q4. Jack was recognized for living the “It Takes a Team” value when he was an instrumental part of the R&D team that successfully prepared and presented a cutting of over 13...

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Employee Spotlight – Troy B., Regional Sales Manager

What BAF Value do you resonate with most and why? Let Your Inner Hero Shine. ­The culture and leadership within our company empowers everyone to be the best version of themselves. We embrace innovative thinking and encourage people to communicate with confidence when they have a great idea. What does being a food hero mean to you? Being a food...

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BAF Values Hero: Brian G.

We are pleased to recognize Brian as our 2018 Q3 Values Hero recipient! In addition to Brian’s responsibilities as Rexburg plant manager, he also took on the additional interim role of plant manager at the Shelley facility. Even though he was splitting his time between the two plants, he was able to lead the teams to achieve successful SQF audit...

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Employee Spotlight – Hollie W., National Account Manager

What does a day in the life at BAF look like for you? Every day is unique!  I enjoy time spent with the customer, establishing partnerships, working with our products, providing solutions and new ways to serve our foods. Our expanding portfolio has made it even more exciting to work with new customers and menu opportunities. How do you describe...

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