BAF Celebrates the 2017 Values Hero Winners

Posted On: March 27, 2018
From Left to Right: Bryan Reese, President and CEO, Jill Hathaway, Jordanne Bergendorf, Alex Martinez

BAF Values Hero Program brings our Corporate Values to life by recognizing and showcasing co-workers who are actively displaying our values. The program encourages employees to actively live our values while working and recognize others for doing so.  We strongly believe that living our values will help us continue to succeed.

Employees recognize and nominate each other for actions – big or small – and they are rewarded for doing so. Quarterly a BAF Values Hero is selected out of all the nominees. Those deserving “Heroes” are invited to our President’s Awards Celebration where one person is presented the Values Hero Cup Award – the pinnacle program recognition which includes additional prizes.

Congratulations to this year’s BAF Values Heroes recipients:

A special Congratulations to the 2017 Values Hero Cup Award winner, Jill Hathaway.  Jill’s role is to strategically place our retail foods into our third Party Logistics company which means she needs to make sure we have the correct items, with the correct quantities, in the correct warehouse at the correct time.  She is so good we wonder if she has a crystal ball!

Although Jill received the most nominations, and almost all from different people, the most impressive part was every nomination was for something significant. Jill is a consistent innovator (Let Your Inner Hero Shine) and team player (It Takes a Team). For example, she proactively suggested changes to the Consumer Foods demand forecasting process. Once she received buy-in for the modification, she scheduled and led the necessary team members to design, buy-in and adopt the changes.

She is a true BAF Values Hero!

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