Employee Spotlight – Erica A., Process Engineer

Posted On: December 17, 2018

What about BAF is different from other places you have worked?
I find the culture at BAF very unique. Here at BAF, culture is more than just spoken about, it’s a living, thriving thing. I come to work every day knowing that my colleagues have a similar passion, work ethic, and set of core values that I do. I feel relaxed coming to work, even if there is a big task on my plate because I feel like my personal values align with the company values. It’s a refreshing feeling that I haven’t experienced anywhere else.

What BAF Value do you resonate with most and why?
“Mean What You Say” is the BAF value that speaks the most clearly to me. I really appreciate that we all strive to be honest and direct in our communication style. Being a technical person (engineer), I sometimes struggle with communication. If I am ‘expected’ to extract the meaning of a comment or email, I don’t always succeed and I sometimes miss the important information. I am happy that I can ask folks to help me understand a problem in a direct manner and I get an honest and direct response in return.

What is one of your earliest food memories?
My mom made this beautiful cake for my 8th birthday that was shaped like a snow man! Two big, round cakes, topped with all of the coconut shavings in the world with gum drop buttons and other fun toppings. I remember being amazed that someone could make something that cool that I could eat!  I was really, REALLY, excited about that cake, because what 8 year old doesn’t enjoy sweets? I tried a few bites, but I couldn’t eat the cake. The coconut was just not my flavor. I like this memory, though, because it taught me how much love someone can add to food and that you don’t have to enjoy the food to appreciate the love that went into it.

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