Employee Spotlight – Kim Nguyen, Sr. Associate Marketing Manager

Posted On: April 11, 2019

What does a day in the life at BAF look like for you?
The great part about my role at BAF is that no two days are the same! Some days I’m planning and executing advertising and direct marketing campaigns to keep BAF and our foods top of mind, some days I’m collaborating with our internal teams on communicating news/announcements, and some days I’m off-site overseeing a photoshoot. I get to work across several teams within our foodservice business to help food heroes create more mealtime victories, which is very exciting and humbling at the same time.

What BAF Value resonates with you most and why?
Although I love all of our BAF Values, Find a Way is the BAF Value that resonates with me the most. To take ownership of everything we do so we can deliver the best results to the organization and to our stakeholders. We owe it to our customers and each other to not give up and to hold ourselves accountable for bringing forth the best solutions and food offerings possible, even if that means that we’re taking steps forward and back to make it happen. In the end, we have the opportunity as a team to work together not only make real food heroes every day, but to also feed the world.

Describe the most memorable meal you have ever had.
While on a trip to Vietnam, we stopped by Hue, a city in the central part of Vietnam known for its unique regional dishes and culture. We went to this family owned restaurant where you dined outside, sitting at a long table and simple outdoor chairs. We were able to meet and connect with the family owners, spanning several generations while they prepared our food. We bonded over the local dishes served family style and learned more about Hue and the locals. It was all so delicious and simple, and made me realize that sometimes it doesn’t take much to create a memorable food experience.

What is your culinary guilty pleasure?
I’m a huge fan of sushi! It tends to be my go to if someone asks where to eat, and I like the fact that you can consume it family style with family/friends. But lately I’ve been leaning more towards poke (raw fish rice bowl with custom toppings), and you’ll find me frequenting the poke shop by my place at least twice a week!

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