Employee Spotlight – Martin L., Quality Engineer

Posted On: October 11, 2018

What about BAF is different from other places you have worked?
One of the things that is different about BAF from other places I have worked is the culture, and I believe that the company values are a huge driver for that. The values inspire people to work hard, work well, and to celebrate their day-to-day victories on the floor. In addition, BAF not only takes care of their people well, but also inspires employees give to the community. I really enjoy that and it makes me proud to be part of the BAF family.

What does being a Food Hero mean to you?
As a quality engineer, being a food hero means finding ways to improve the processes that make the foods enjoyed by our customers. At the same time, ensuring that we are delivering quality product consistently – not only because it is our job, but because we owe that to our customers.

What is your signature dish or favorite thing to make in the kitchen?
I love food and I’m big on keeping up with modern cuisine. With that said, my favorite thing to make is a good Beef Wellington. I really enjoy being involved with the different textures, elements, and balances in the dish, from making the puff pastry and duxelles to finding a good piece of beef. I don’t make this very often, though – it’s only for special occasions!

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