Employee Spotlight – Michael Fabian, Team Leader, Outside Facilities

Posted On: March 1, 2019

What makes BAF a great place to work?
I started working at BAF when I was 19 years old and in the last 37 years, I have raised a large family and been very happy here. The people here are fantastic, from the owners to the management to my fellow employees, and all the outside customers I interact with. The wages are competitive and the benefits are great. I like to think that if I was nineteen again, I would follow the same path.

What would others find surprising or interesting about my job?
My main job is to ensure that the people I work with are successful. In the Moses Lake LTS (land treatment site), we use the waste water that comes out of the plant in a way that is environmentally sound. To do this, we must run the water to the LTS and we spread the water on the land using crop center pivots, which is not always an easy task when the weather is not cooperating. When we have cold temperatures and wind, it can be a long cold day under the water. Every day in the LTS during winter time is a great adventure!

What is your signature dish or favorite thing to make in the kitchen?
I have seven children and I’m the cook. On Sundays, I love to cook breakfast for all who show up. I make a hamburger sausage gravy with dumplings and BAF hashbrowns and they love it!

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